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Manage plugins



Since version 9.5 of GLPI, the Marketplace to install and update plugins is available.

This feature can be acttiYou will have to create a registration key beforehand. The procedure is available here.

The Marketplace consists of two tabs :

  • Installed allowing to activate/deactivate and update plugins
  • Discover allowing to access the complete catalog of plugins and to install them.






Manual installation




All GLPI plugins are available on the GLPI catalog

Note that a plugin can have several versions, each version is most of the time specific to a particular version of GLPI. So be sure to select the right file to download!


Once the plugin has been chosen, just follow the following steps:

  • Click on the Download button



  • Copy the address



  • Go in ssh on the server then in the glpi/plugins folder

Follow the following steps:


  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Delete the archive
  4. Apply the correct permissions



Go to Configuration > Plugins. If the Marketplace is activated you have to click on the button 2783145f-71844724-5f59cb5fe7f7e6.37262901

in order to return to the old plugin interface.

So now you need to Install and Activate it.
  • The installation will create the possible tables in the database. Click on 2783145f-71844724-5f59cb559351b7.62921457
  • Activation will make the plugin accessible to users. Click on the 2783145f-71844724-5f59cb3d773e88.48202585which will turn green once the plugin is activated 2783145f-71844724-5f59cb6be33913.70932382.

Update a plugin


  • Updating a plugin is done by physically removing (Caution: not to be confused with Uninstalling a plugin) the previous version and installing the new version.
  • You just have to delete the folder corresponding to the plugin and refer to the installation paragraph of the plugin for the rest of the procedure.

Uninstall a plugin

  • The uninstallation of a plugin is done from the plugin configuration interface. Simply click on 2783145f-71844724-5f59cb79f0a4d0.07263070.
  • Then you can even if you want to delete the folder in the plugins directory.
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