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How to use plugin Oauth


Oauth client for GLPI


This plugins allows user login and import via external providers.

Currently connects via:


The plugin uses the external authentication feature of GLPI.
So in order to be ready for use, it needs some setup.

Set the fields in Setup > Authentication > Others authentication methods like on this screenshot:


Mandatory setting:

  • Field storage of the login in the HTTP request: must be set (no matter the value)

Optionally, if you want to import unknown users you can also set:

  • Surname: givenName
  • First name: familyName
  • Email: email
  • Language: language

Also, you need to enable this import behavior in GLPI.
Do it in Setup > Authentication > Setup, the Automatically add users from an external authentication source field.



The field "Remove the domain of logins like login@domain" should be set to "No".

Example for google suite, if you have an email like username@domain and the option set to yes, the imported user in GLPI will have name username.
If an external person try to connect with email like username@antoherdomain, it will authenticated in GLPI like it would be the first email.


Enable login provider

The process is the same for each source:

  • Enable the provider in GLPI configuration
  • Click on the help icon on the right from its´ title
  • Enable external application on the service management console;
  • Copy callback url from the plugin configuration and paste it in the console (GLPI will be called back after login via provider);
  • Get your client variables (Id and secret) and paste them into plugin configuration.
  • For some providers you need to restrict the usage of Oauth API for allowed URL. The filtering may also be managed by the callback url.



When the provider is enabled, you will see the new login page :




This provider requires to enable Google+ API before providing any user details (like given name or emails)


Google oauth service also supports multiple emails in their response.
Like above, you can also fill additional fields in Setup > Authentication > Others authentication methods:

  • Email 2: email2
  • Email 3: email3
  • Email 4: email4

Candidates for future providers



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